Anna Fitzgerald

puppetry performance and teaching

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Lectures and Presentations on Puppet History and Contemporary Puppetry in the World and the United States.

Puppet Coaching and Directing for your stage and film productions! I can help you with the movement and performance of the puppets, as well as any technical problems you may be confronting in construction. 

Workshops for all ages and levels of performance and building backgrounds!

  • Object Performance: workshops can be a 3 hour lesson on the basics, to a month or year long class focusing on performance and ensemble building.
  • Puppet design and building: learn how to design and build a puppet head from an idea or drawing.
  • String puppets: Learn how to build and manipulate a basic string puppet (marionette).
  • Toy Theater: Re-popularized by groups like Great Small Works, Toy Theaters were a popular form of entertainment for people throughout Europe for years. Toy Theater workshops are a great way for children or adults to write and perform a story, and build their own sets and puppets. Workshops are at least 2 hrs long or can be held over the course of several days for more in depth work.

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